サラマンダー 「ICARUS」井上裕起 / Yuki Inoue


現代美術家 井上裕起の代名詞ともいえる「サラマンダー」をソフビで立体化
The “salamander” a name synonymous with contemporary artist Yuki Inoue, has been sculpted as a soft vinyl figure.


井上裕起 / Yuki Inoue


Contemporary artist. Has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and art fairs in Japan and abroad. Since 2002, he has consistently used the salamander as a motif for his work. Based on the concept of “evolution,” he questions various themes such as history and social issues from a cynical perspective, despite his comical and humorous appearance. In recent years, he has expanded his activities to include not only the presentation of his works but also the production of art goods.

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